My Dear Readers,

Memories are short, and perhaps our records of Minerva history leave much to be desired. Therefore, we decided on this 19th anniversary of our organisation to dedicate all the activities of this year to the past, to recall the halcyon days of yore. The past cannot be recaptured, but perhaps such memories can teach us how to evolve for a better future. Today, we can look back with pride and acclaim our achievements.

In the last three years ,Minerva has made giant strides in the arena of Social Welfare ,Education and Cultural and related activities.The various Scholarship schemes to poor students ,Free Leg-al Assistance through our legal cell , Free Computer trainings ,Free Spoken English Classes , Minerva Software Solutions,our most ambitious cultural proj-ect Shankhnaad Ď2008: Challenge Eastern India ,take over of Kishore Kumarís Fansí Club and other activi-ties have been introduced and fluing in microlights is just round the corneer.

All these, and the other already existing activities lead to a single goal-the goal of making our Jharkhand State one of the greatest. I have made my small contribution towards achieving the goal, and I am sure, the other members, Patro-ns and all the well-wishers of Minerva will contribute even more.

God be with you all.
With my best wishes to all of you.