The society is involved in various welfare works for the people including social welfare and tribal welfare. The society shall fight against various social evils like: CHILD LABOUR, DOWRY SYSTEM,CORRUPTION and also work for the protection of the rights of women in particularly and the citizens in general sensitizing people towards such issues. To work for the upliftment of the underprivileged. We shall organize various awareness programmes without any discrimation on the basis of caste, gender or religion.                                              

Aligned with the goals and vision of the administration, several legal initiatives have been proposed / established as leaps into the future. These  ventures aim at building confidence, capacity, global mindsets and legal skills in common  man………. How they grow well shape and give direction to the growth of our State and  finally our Country. FOR THIS PURPOSE, WE HAVE FORMED “MINERVA SAMADHAN: THE ASSOSSIATION OF LEGAL EAGLES”   for providing FREE LEGAL AID to our NEEDY brothers & sisters of the Society.

 FREE LEGAL INITIATIVES:  MINERVA PARIWAAR is concerned to provide “Free Legal Consultancy” to the Poor and needy persons. For this, the Society has formed a separate unit of it named as: SAMADHAN. We organise various legal  awareness  camps to achieve our goal in this field and to spread the works and activities of JHALSA. In these Legal Camps, various Lawyers from Jharkhand High Court as well as Ranchi Civil Court also contribute and participate.

The power of a lawyer translates into unlimited potential to do wonders. We can, perform gloriously in our legal field in the changing scenario and usher in a new dawn. In a nutshell, we can see that the legal profession is hinged favourably in becoming a powerful profession if the power of young lawyers is channeled constructively and in a planned manner.

What we mean by constructively is that young lawyers should first understand what is required for the well being of their profession.The sectarian ideologies should be thrown out of the every revolutionary young lawyer’s psyche.  Young lawyers should channelise their and other’s energy in making the legal remedies easily available to all and we at MINERVA are trying to do so.