We at Minerva stand by the age-old idiomatic wisdom of the more you give the more you get. Not only is this philosophy embedded in our stated intent but may be felt and experienced in every initiative that takes us beyond.


Respecting both Merit and Need
We draw great comfort from our unique initiative to offering scholarships. We are perhaps the only Foundation in the country and among the few worldwide that has made over three thousand scholarships available to the student body. Students may receive scholarship for recognized merit, or even a hundred per cent fee waiver for an exceptional academic performance. More unique are the awards of partial to full fee waivers on a merit-cum-need basis which are awarded to those who demonstrate a positive dedication, keenness and commitment to higher education. It is a fundamental belief at Minerva that those who feel they have the potential to contribute positively to society will not be denied an opportunity for gaining quality education irrespective of their ability to pay.

In the financial year 2007-2008, Minerva awarded scholarships to  FIVE of students of St.Aloysius Middle School, Purulia Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand and also provided “FREE SPOKEN ENGLISH TRAINING”  to  nearly 200 students. The Organisation’s commitment in this area remains firmly embedded in its character, faith and values.


Attracting Talent
The provision for scholarships is an important element of the overall strategy of Minerva to attract and retain high quality students, provide increased access and widen opportunities based on equality. Scholarships are also offered to students who have excelled in sports, debates, performing arts and other accomplishments.

Vidya Daan: Building Human Values
From the time students enter the sanctorum of the organisation they are encouraged to imbibe every human value that we stand for. All Minerva Family Member are encouraged to share their privileges with those less endowed. In that they are given the authority to disburse their scholarship award in a socially responsible manner. The Member for instance may donate a portion of their pocket money or anything else to a needy peer. To determine the final awardee the Managing Committee reserves the right to conduct the requisite interviews for assessment of need and potential.
Many of our Members donated their last year under the Vidya Daan program and are proud today to have guided a valuable human life towards the greater objective of learning and fulfillment.

MINERVA Excellence Awards

For Minerva Scholars: In recognition of their outstanding performance and overall excelle
nce the organisation has instituted FIRST,SECOND & THIRD Medals which are  awarded annually to all-rounder students in the fields of fashion, culinary arts, music, theater, modeling, literature, law, public policy, education, design, advertising, photography and public relations.    

For Achievers: Minerva awards on an all Jharkhand basis annually for the best achiever in the fields of media, music and performing arts.

All these initiatives are taken by organising state level competition cum talent hunt named as “SHANKHNAAD”.



At Minerva we provide scholarships to the helpless,needy and talented school going students who are really deserving to get financial assistance.For this purpose, we are offering scholarships in the fond memory of following persons who  have left us :

Born on 13th June, 1951 and died on 19th February, 1987.


Born on 19th september, 1928 and died on 17th October, 2004.

Died on 30th October, 1998.